Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Mom

Picture taken of my mom & my daughter on a "Girls Road Trip" to PA.

It's not Mother's Day, it's not her birthday, but today she made me smile. So I thought I would take a few moments and jot down some of the things I like about my mom.

  • She loves Jesus. She loves to pray. I can always count on her if I need prayer about anything.
  • She texts. Nothing short of a novel. Brevity is not her strong suit. You can count on the fact that her texts will be a minimum of two long. So if you like your text alert, you are in luck. And when she texts she adds the sweet little nothings at the end like "xoxoxo" and "TTFN" (ta ta for now) and she calls me all sorts of sweet names you don't say in person, but are completely OK in type.
  • She takes the time to see things. I mean really see things. Detail. And she has an appreciation for how details can be so special.
  • She forgets where she is in the middle of a story. She is so allured by the details that she will forget her point in sharing the story. This apple does not fall far from the tree. I am my mother's daughter.
  • She doesn't want me to miss a single thing while my kids are away from me. She lovingly documents their adventures with her camera and shares them with me... while they are still on her camera.
  • She loves to give. In every way. Time, money, food, you name it. To anyone and everyone.
  • She is interested in me. She listens when I tell her about new things I learn. She is supportive of all my ventures and is never critical.
  • She is silly and loves to laugh. She's always up for a good time especially if it means she doesn't have to act like an adult. 
  • She is the most amazing grandma. She works her tail off to get done what needs to be done so that when her grandkids come over, her only agenda is to be with them. She is intentional about the time she spends with them. I believe they have been to every park in our county. This is something they love to do together.
  • When people find out she's my mom there is always an exclamation... "Oh my gosh, I love her!", "She is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met!", "Man, you are one lucky person to have her as a mom!"
  • She is kind, aware, loving, trustworthy, hard working, strong, full of joy and well loved.

Proverbs 31:10 ... her worth is far above rubies. Rubies? Not my mom. I don't think I could measure her worth by any standard. Yep, she's that amazing. Love that sweet lady.

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