Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It Was A Very Good Day

I have just come off a couple tough weeks. And the old adage of "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" was put into full effect. Work was stressful, changing my schedule around to accommodate the back-to-school switch, work was stressful, a family member by marriage died at a young age in a motorcycle accident, work was stressful, I had 2 migraines in close proximity, did I mention work was stressful.

So sometimes you just have to post something because it was good. It has no value to anyone but me, it is not a recipe, it is not something about my kids, it is not a restaurant critique, it has nothing to do with health & wellness. This is simply the log of a very good day with some commentary. A very good day that was needed in so many ways.

  1. I got up on time. (I got up on time because I went to bed early. Maybe this should be a regular practice for me.)
  2. I got my son to school early. (He forgot something he needed a signature on in his locker. I refused to drive him back to school to get it and told him to come up with another plan. His plan= go all "MacGyver" on JMMS, sneak upstairs, quietly open his locker, sneak back downstairs and out the side door where the get-away van would be waiting so I could sign the paper before it self-destructed. Sweet.)
  3. I got home with enough time to fix & eat breakfast with my daughter. Yum.
  4. Got my daughter to school on time.
  5. Met a sweet friend for "Coffee Talk." (We talked about everything and nothing. Those are the best.)
  6. Came home and did some laundry.
  7. Went and got my haircut. (This was wonderful. I had to cancel my previous appointment due to a scheduling conflict and I was more than a week and a half overdo. It felt great to be pampered by someone who is an artist and loves her craft.)
  8. Came home, made broccoli salad to go with dinner, did more laundry, washed the inside of my van windows (we had puppy sat for my in-laws back in June and I had never taken the time to clean off the doggy nose prints. I felt like a new woman!)
  9. Picked up my son from school, and spent time going over spelling words in the van waiting for my daughter to come out from her school.
  10. Picked up my daughter from school.
  11. Fed my family a healthy dinner.
  12. Dropped my son off at football practice.
  13. Took my daughter to cheer practice.
  14. Coached my squad in a new cheer and they participated in the choreography. (They have such creative minds, excitement and good ideas. Adults should really take the time to listen more.)
  15. Came home, did more laundry.
  16. Kissed my husband.
  17. Prayed with and put my freshly showered children to bed.
  18. Checked the happenings of facebook.
  19. Blogged.

There wasn't any one thing that was spectacular. But is was a day off work, time with a friend, chores accomplished, pampering, seeing my cheer squad, loving my family.

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