Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reality Check

Reality check--noun
a corrective confronting of reality, in order to counteract one's expectations, prejudices, or the like. (

A reality check is something I need to perform regularly in the blog world. There are so many things I would love to do and try and partake in. And sometimes I get frustrated that I can't. And so I have to sit back and realistically look at my daily life and see that all these blogs aren't doing all these things at once.

I really am a busy person, I do make time to invest in my children and that takes a lot of time if I am to do it well. I work outside the home and soon will be involved in 2 classes, one during the day and one in the evening each week. I coach cheer leading and provide taxi service to my family. These are all things I love, but they consume time.

My expectations of myself are always so high of what I want to accomplish and do, not only for myself, but my family as well. I read a select few blogs and I see these things I want to do and try... right now! But the reality check pops up and I have to step back and see what I can change in our lives one step at a time. I need to add one thing, master that and be comfortable with it before I move on to the next. Then add the next one and be comfortable with that addition and so on.

I am finding this is more doable now that I have pretty much turned the TV off completely except for 4 shows that I DVR and watch when I have time. I am also having to institute a menu plan again so that my week is less stressful and I can make time to add in those things I really desire.

So here is my list of desires. I will be adding to this I'm sure, as I continue to educate myself on moving our family into a more "whole food, pro-biotic" diet and as I explore my world of creativity and what that looks like.

Personal Desires:

Desires for Family:

These are all desires, wants, goals. My reality check.

Reality Check Mantra
I will allow myself the latitude to not be perfect. I will not be able to do all of these things every week. I will do my best with the time and energy I have left after I have given my work 100% and my family 150%. I will make my studies a priority because that is investing in me. I will realize that what I do for my family is more than what the average family is accustomed to. I will take time to be still in my busyness to breathe. I will not be all things to all people, or they will not become all they are to be. I will say the same things to myself that I say to my children when I let them know they are deeply valued and loved. I will rest.

I feel better already.

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